The Tallahassee Homes Difference

At Tallahassee Homes, we have been helping our homeowners build the American Dream for more than 21 years. We realize that buying a home is the largest investment that most families will ever make, and we want our homeowners to feel confident that they own a well-built Tallahassee Homes Home. We are constantly updating building designs and techniques to improve the functionality, and overall quality of our homes. That is why we provide every home with the Tallahassee Homes Protection Plan.

New Home Warranties

For all of our homeowners, we hope that the first year of homeownership is nothing short of a completely enjoyable and worry free experience. However, in the event that warranty service is needed, regardless of the issue, Tallahassee Homes will see to it that the issue is resolved quickly and in a satisfactory manner.

In the second year of ownership, your Tallahassee Homes Home is protected against all defects involving the plumbing, electrical and mechanical distribution systems.

For the first ten years of ownership, your Tallahassee Homes Home is protected from any structural defects that occur in your home, including:

  • Footings and Foundation Systems
  • Beams
  • Girders
  • Lintels
  • Masonry Arches
  • Columns
  • Load-Bearing walls and Partitions
  • Roof Framing Systems
  • Floor Systems


Latest materials

New technologies in building materials have made the home of today virtually maintenance free with materials such as brick, stone, vinyl and concrete siding which offer durability and the benefit of low or no maintenance

Modern Appliances

Appliance manufacturers introduce new models every year and homebuilders are able to offer the latest state-of-the art equipment at the time of completing a new home.


Home site selection: Our new homes are in Tallahassee’s newest and most desirable neighborhoods built to rigorous neighborhood covenants and restrictions so that all homes are of similar quality and design, protecting your investment.

Home Design Options

We offer a variety of functional floor plans to fit your lifestyle. If you contract with us early in the building process, you can customize your home with special architectural features and upgrades.

Choice of Finishes: Make your home your own before you move in with the opportunity to be your own decorator.  Our team will help you choose from exciting selections of flooring, stone, carpet, tile, appliances and paint colors

As an EnergySmart green builder, 100% of our homes are Energy Star Certified and FGBC Certified insuring that your new home will have lower utility bills than comparable existing homes without these certifications.  Our new homes also offer a healthier home air quality.

Lower Maintenance

All manufactured products have an expected lifespan.  Daily use, weather and quality of care all play a role in longevity.  Buying a new home eases the nagging question of “How long before it breaks down?”.  With a new home the answer is simply, a substantially longer period than with a pre-owned home.

Compatible Neighbors

In most communities, buyers will be moving in with neighbors in generally similar circumstances.  Often with pre-owned homes in established neighborhoods, the homebuyers may find themselves in a difficult position as “the new kids on the block” unable to quickly fit into social situations.

Value Appreciation

Statistics say that the typical home will need remodeling after a life expectancy of 25-30 years.  Since new homes have an assured longer life, appraisals will be generally higher than of comparable existing homes, making conditions more favorable for future re-sale at appreciated prices.  Our new homeowners have enjoyed and benefited from higher  appreciations.  The values of our homes will continue to have strong appreciation growth since they are new, extremely competitively priced, well built, energy efficient and are located in a desirable area of Tallahassee.


All of our homes have the latest “Home Network Box” wiring for your entertainment, internet and security system needs.


Many builders may say they build energy-efficient homes, but few take the
additional steps to ensure their homes meet the most current requirements of ENERGY STAR.   Every Tallahassee Homes community is built to ENERGY STAR
standards, is tested, and receives an individual ENERGY STAR certification. This means your new home is built to conserve energy and reduce your monthly costs. These Numbers Mean Savings.

ENERGY STAR® Certificate

Every Tallahassee Homes home has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).* You’ll receive an official certificate verifying that your new home meets ENERGY STAR requirements.

What is HERS (Home Energy Rating System)?

Tallahassee Homes homes also receive a HERS score, the standard rating system for home energy consumption. Older homes score around 130, while new homes typically score around 100. The average new Tallahassee Homes home scores a 55, where a lower score is better. So less IS more.